Wowza Statistics

StreamAnalyst generates advanced statistics for Wowza servers and for all flavors of Wowza on Amazon.

The “Wowza Streaming Engine” is a high quality video streaming server software. Its first version was released under the name “Wowza Media Server” in 2007. Wowza supports live and on-demand video and audio streaming.

Wowza servers generate log files recording the server traffic and activity. Wowza log files are generated in the W3C log format. Which fields are present depends on the Wowza version and on the fields definitions decided by the Wowza administrator. StreamAnalyst parses the Wowza log files and generates detailed reports. StreamAnalyst supports all versions of Wowza Streaming Engine and Wowza Media Server.

Wowza stats peaks

With StreamAnalyst, you don’t need to install any particular appender, nor make changes to your Wowza server. You get advanced statistics (concurrent connections with peaks and minima, new and active sessions, average number of viewers, number of unique viewers, players, time spent, bandwidth, countries, cities and more).

You can make comparisons between the audience of any day or workweek (5 days, Monday-Friday) or week (7 days) or month and the audience of a previous time period. Because you get an accurate view of the evolution of the audience, you are able to monitor the impact of changes in your video contents, in your ads, in your social network activity and your website. Using this data, you make informed decisions to further grow your audience.

Wowza stats uniques

Reports according to international standards like AQH, CUME, OJD 30 seconds,… can be generated by StreamAnalyst.

Many Wowza sites use multiple servers and video contents are encoded in different formats. StreamAnalyst supports multiple servers environments and allows you to analyze each server and format separately or to combine the data as you want.

The StreamAnalyst “Save as CSV” button allows you to import all statistics in a standard format in your business analytics software.

StreamAnalyst works with almost all streaming servers: the same StreamAnalyst tools can be used with Wowza and with your other streaming server technologies.

StreamAnalyst is designed to be compatible with iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets and with your PC or Mac.

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