SHOUTcast Statistics

StreamAnalyst generates advanced statistics for SHOUTcast v1.x and SHOUTcast v2.x servers.

SHOUTcast DNAS is a free, but proprietary streaming server software. It was originally developed by Nullsoft, a small software house based in Arizona. It became very popular among Internet radios. In 1999, Nullsoft was purchasd by AOL. In 2014, it became a part of Radionomy (Anderlecht, Belgium).

Several versions of SHOUTcast are in use today. Log files are generated automatically to record the SHOUTcast server activity. These SHOUTcast log files can be in various formats. StreamAnalyst supports the SHOUTcast 1 proprietary logs, the SHOUTcast 2 proprietary logs and the SHOUTcast W3C log format. The same detailed reports are created by StreamAnalyst independently of your log format.

SHOUTcast stats

With StreamAnalyst, there is no script to install on your SHOUTcast server. You get detailed statistics (simultaneous connections with peaks and minima, new sessions, active sessions, average number of listeners, unique listeners, players, cities, countries, time spent and more).

You also get a precise view of the behavior of each listener: when he/she starts listening, when he/she stops listening and when he/she comes back to listen to your station.

SHOUTcast stats listener detail

StreamAnalyst generates reports according to international standards (AQH, CUME, OJD 30 seconds,…).

Many SHOUTcast webradios use more than one stream. Their audio is encoded at several bitrates and in different audio formats. StreamAnalyst allows you to analyze each bitrate and audio format separately and to combine the data the way you want to get global views.

Thanks to the “Save as CSV” button at the bottom of each report, statistics data are available to your own analytics application in a standard easy to use format.

As StreamAnalyst is compatible with almost all streaming server technologies, you can use the same stats software with SHOUTcast and with your other streaming servers.

StreamAnalyst is designed to be compatible with your iPhone and your Android smartphone, with your tablet and with your Mac or PC.

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