Radio Audience by Show

As a station manager, you need to make decisions about your program content.

Guessing and making blind decisions is not good enough! It is key to identify what your listeners like and dislike, what shows have a growing audience and what shows are losing listeners.

Getting detailed stats for a show

It’s easy with Streamanalyst.

First, you pick up the time when the show starts and the time when it ends and you select the days of the week it is aired. That’s it! And StreamAnalyst shows you how the audience of the show evoluate day after day and week after week, over any period of your choice.

Showing the improved audience of the midday show (weekdays only) from mid-July :

Sessions by Show

Following the growing audience of Saturday evenings :

Unique Listeners by Show

With Streamanalyst, you’ll get all the information you need in an easy to understand format. Your sponsors and advertisers will listen to you when they see the facts.

Knowledge Makes You Stronger

Knowing what your listeners love is truly valuable information. Your advertisers and donors will love the detailed statistics you show them. Knowledge really is power, and it is time to get your piece of the power.

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