Internet Radio Statistics

How many listeners ? How long do they listen ?

At what time of the day do they listen ? What device do they use to listen ?

Do you have the answers to these questions or are you making blind choices? Do you “suspect” a show isn’t doing well and decide to drop it? Backlash from blind decision making can hurt your station, as we’re sure you know.

A quick and easy setup (we do it for you) of StreamAnalyst can prevent mistakes. You’ll know exactly what your listeners like and dislike. You’ll know what to drop, what to keep and which time slots to increase.

Icecast realtime view

Realtime Data and Historical Perspective

StreamAnalyst Realtime View shows how many listeners you have now and how many you had minute by minute during the last hour.

Thanks to the historical reports, you can compare the current audience with the audience during any other time period.

The kind of listener satisfaction this causes is infectious, and soon you could find yourself with more listeners than you know what to do with. And more listeners mean more exposure for your advertisers and sponsors.

Your Webradio Shouldn’t Be Without StreamAnalyst

Internet radios use more than one stream, when your audio is encoded into different bitrates and audio formats.

With StreamAnalyst, you can monitor everything separately. You can analyze each bit rate or format and combine all the data to get a global picture.

SHOUTcast, Icecast and the other streaming servers generate log files recording server activity. We take these log files and parse them into easy-to-understand reports for you. You and your partners will love all the available information.

And if you use multiple servers based on different technologies, StreamAnalyst will process all your logs in a consistent manner, regardless of the time zones and other technicalities of the servers.

Get StreamAnalyst’s free trial today and let your station reach its full potential. Or send us an email at with your questions, and we’ll help you out.

Icecast stats comparison

It’s Easier Than You Think

Don’t stand for disappointments. You can set up StreamAnalyst for your Internet radio servers easily – without installing scripts.

You’ll get all the information you need quickly, and in an easy to understand format. Don’t let your sponsors and advertisers walk out the door before they’ve seen the facts.

Ask More, Get More

“The StreamAnalyst team has been able to develop special features on demand in a quick and effective manner which has helped us to provide priceless information to our clients allowing us to better show the size and quality of the impact of our customers campaigns in radio.” – Juan Carlos, Spain.

As Juan Carlos says, we deal in priceless information. So when you’re ready to increase your conversions, start your free trial.

Or send an email to ask for special arrangements to and we’ll be happy to help!

Relaxation is Crucial to Your Health

You’ll find it easier to relax when you have all the facts. You’ll know the health of your radio stations, never having to guess at what’s happening.

What You Can Expect

    What you’ll see:

  • Simultaneous connections with peaks and minima
  • New sessions
  • Active sessions
  • Average number of listeners
  • Unique Listeners
  • Players
  • Cities
  • Countries
  • Time Spent

and more…

You know what they say about knowledge…

Knowledge Is Power

Knowing where your listeners are, when they start and stop listening is truly valuable information. Your advertisers and donors will love the statistics you show them. Knowledge really is power, and it’s time to get your piece of the power.

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