Streaming Servers

StreamAnalyst has been successfully tested with :

If your streaming server is not yet in the list, drop us a message at and we will promptly work on the support of your server.

Report sections

  • Realtime View
  • Simultaneous Connections (peak and minimum)
  • Bandwidth
  • New Sessions by Daypart
  • New Sessions by Day
  • New Sessions by Hour
  • New Sessions by Quarter-Hour
  • Active Sessions by Daypart
  • Active Sessions by Day
  • Active Sessions by Hour
  • Active Sessions by Quarter-Hour
  • Active Sessions by Day of the Week
  • Average Number of Users by Daypart
  • Average Number of Users by Day
  • Average Number of Users by Hour
  • Average Number of Users by Quarter-Hour
  • Unique Users by Daypart
  • Unique Users by Day
  • Unique Users by Hour
  • Unique Users by Day of the Week
  • Countries
  • Regions (ie. states, provinces,…)
  • Cities
  • Protocols
  • Players
  • Platforms
  • Devices
  • Referrers by Domain
  • Referrers Details
  • Aggregate Tuning Hours by Day
  • Aggregate Tuning Hours by Hour
  • Aggregate Tuning Hours by Quarter-Hour
  • Time Spent

Flexible definition of the analyzed channels

A SteamAnalyst channel can be defined by a channel name, application, application instance, stream name, stream number, used protocols or any combination thereof.

    Example 1 : if you have two stations called “Radio A” and “Radio B” and if they are streamed at two speeds (say 128K and 32K), you can define the following channels:

  • Radio A, 128K
  • Radio A, 32K
  • Radio B, 128K
  • Radio B, 32K
  • Radio A (ie. 128K + 32K)
  • Radio B (ie. 128K + 32K)
  • All Radios (ie Radio A + Radio B)
    Example 2 : if you stream live audio and video and VOD, you could have:

  • a channel for “Audio”
  • a channel for “Live Video”
  • 10 channels for your 10 VOD’s
  • a channel combining all video on-demand traffic