Frequently Asked Questions

For whom is StreamAnalyst designed ?

StreamAnalyst audience measurement reports and statistics are of great value to managers, marketeers and engineers in organizations that broadcast live and on-demand audio or video channels.

With StreamAnalyst, you monitor the evolution of your audience. You make informed decisions about your streamed media contents. You can make changes in your website or publish in social media or create new ads and then access the audience tools that will tell you how these changes impact the listeners/viewers.

The StreamAnalyst statistics reports show you all traffic details separating robots from the real human listeners/viewers: in which countries and cities the audience is, when they connect and when they disconnect, what software they use to listen or view your channels, …

Is StreamAnalyst a log analyzer ?

Yes, StreamAnalyst is a log analyzer optimized to parse and analyze streaming server log files.

Is StreamAnalyst a SaaS solution ?

Yes, StreamAnalyst is “Software as a Service”. Our company has more than 10 years experience in providing SaaS solutions to customers worldwide. StreamAnalyst helps ensure that you get the highest value from your streamed media investments. StreamAnalyst extracts meaningful information from the Mega/Giga/Terabytes of data in your log files to help you better understand your audience.

What level of knowledge do I need to use StreamAnalyst ?

The reports generated by StreamAnalyst do not require any specific knowledge of the streaming server technologies. Setting up the service is done by the StreamAnalyst team. All you need to provide is a read access to your log file. Just let us know if you want us to help you find the log file on your server. We have a lot of experience with SHOUTcast, Icecast, Wowza and many other streaming servers.

You view your StreamAnalyst reports in your brower on your smartphone, tablet or desktop. You don’t need to change anything in your streaming server configuration.

How does StreamAnalyst compare to other log analyzers ?

Most log analyzers are general purpose log analyzers. They were originally developed to analyze Unix system logs or web server log files. These log analyzers have been adapted to provide some support for streaming servers. Because parsing and analyzing streaming server logs is more complicated than parsing web server logs, these log analyzers are slow and hard to use effectively. That’s why StreamAnalyst has been designed for streamed media from the beginning.

Does StreamAnalyst share the broadcaster data with third parties ?

StreamAnalyst does not disclose to any third party, nor share, nor sell any audience information of its clients.

Is StreamAnalyst a secure solution for my streaming servers ?

StreamAnalyst reads your server logs. As StreamAnalyst has no need to write anything in your server, a read-only access is sufficient. It is thus perfectly secure. We will never ask for your admin id and password.

Is StreamAnalyst compatible with HLS and progressive download ?

Yes, StreamAnalyst parses log files generated by streaming servers using HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) technology, as well as servers using progressive downloads. Streamanalyst developed powerful innovative algorithms optimized for these technologies.