Amazon/CloudFront Streaming Statistics

If you run a streaming business and you have a Wowza instance on AWS (Amazon Web Services) which distributes your streams to CloudFront edge locations, you can configure CloudFront to create log files that will contain information related to every user request.

The volume and speed at which CloudFront creates log files often become an impossible challenge for traditional log analyzers. StreamAnalyst technology is optimized to handle the large number of log files generated by CloudFront in a video streaming environment.

StreamAnalyst supports all Amazon/CloudFront log formats. It can automatically import and analyze your log files and generate meaningful statistics about your live and on-demand audience.

Amazon S3 Bucket stats unique viewers

With StreamAnalyst, you don’t need to go through complicated installation procedures. You get reports showing the number of unique viewers, the average number of viewers, the number of concurrent connections (minima and peaks), new connections and active sessions, players, referrers, time spent, bandwidth, countries, states or provinces, cities,…

StreamAnalyst lets you compare the current audience with the audience of a previous time period. These audience data can be used to monitor the results of changes in your video contents. Impact of your social media activity on your audience can be measured in the same way. Using this data, you make informed decisions to further grow your audience.

Amazon S3 Bucket stats geolocation

StreamAnalyst supports many types of streaming servers. Your reports can elegantly combine data from Amazon S3 with data from other video and audio servers.

With the “Save as CSV” button at the bottom of each report, you can import all data in a standard format compatible with Excel and other business applications.

StreamAnalyst reports are comptabile with all popular browsers on smartphones, tablets and desktop computers.

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