Adobe Media Server Statistics

Adobe Media Servers (formerly Flash Media Server) deliver quality video across any Internet-connected device. StreamAnalyst parses the Adobe log files and generates audience reports.

Thanks to our years of experience in log file analytics and thousands of conversations with customers, our team has been able to produce a powerful tool that generates rich statistics for all servers of the Adobe Media Server family, including Flash Media Server.

Unique viewers

With StreamAnalyst, you do not need to make changes to your Adobe server configuration. You get complete statistics (concurrent connections with peaks and minima, new sessions, active sessions, average number of viewers, unique viewers, players, platforms, devices, time spent, bandwidth, countries, cities and more).


The “Save as CSV” button allows you to import all statistics in a standard format in Excel or other business software.

StreamAnalyst is designed to be compatible with iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets and with your PC or Mac.

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