About Us

We thrive to make good things even better.

Mission Statement

The StreamAnalyst project was started in April 2015. It combines innovative technologies to generate quality audience statistics for Internet radio, webTV, VOD and other streaming media. We make reliable, independent, intuitive and accurate audience statistics available to everybody from anywhere at anytime.

Implemented in our secured private cloud, StreamAnalyst lets you make your audience data available to all who need them on their smartphones, tablets and desktops.

Company History

StreamAnalyst is a project of InternetOfficer SPRL. The company was established in 2003 in Brussels, Belgium.

InternetOfficer is the creator of several software tools for webmasters, marketeers and SEO’s. Over the years, our offering has been strengthened with the experience of our thousands web statistics installations worldwide. We are experts in statistics and we know how to effectively parse log files and structure your data.

StreamAnalyst supports all popular streaming technologies (and many less popular ones). We never stop: we would love to add your streaming server technology if it is not yet supported!

InternetOfficer is proud to have customers in Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa and Australia.